September 24, 2008


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What weird dreams to have.

1) You are one of the Autobots from the animation Transformers

2) Involved as a third party of a murder(Can vaguely remember the dream, but I was in the kitchen…)

I think I’m stressed out… I’ve done launches before, but this is the very first time I’m going to be launching 2 programs. Part of me is feeling the stress, part of me is going “Why so stress?”. Take it like any other class, do your best.

I normally feel more stress about having to teach the new release to my own class slot, but this time it’s the other way around… DON’T LIKE THIS FEELING!!!

I’m down to 3 days…

Can’t wait for this to be over… Then I can get other things moving(ie get the contractor to come paint the room, go and apply for my studies, drop by EPF to check my details, scout around for a new motorcycle)…



September 22, 2008


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Ever get that feeling?

Just about everything(work, life, the future)… I think I just need to plan out a little vacation for myself… Will go look up Air-Asia for some cheap tickets to go somewhere, or just go down South to Singapore again.

It’s now 12.50pm, went out and had a lunch which for some reason I felt like I couldn’t finish, appetite wasn’t there… Few things need to be done today before I tune into ‘Choreo Practise Mode’.

1) Laundry

2) Tidy up bedroom

3) Sweep the floor

Speaking about food, I’m gonna go drop by my regular baking goods supply shop and grab a few bags of raisins and nuts and make my own mini snacks for after class consumption.

I think I’m a wee bit tired from all the classes last week, there weren’t many, but the timing of the classes pretty much made me restless for the entire week.

Before I forget, the real reason I wanted to blog was just to express something.

The intercom to the guard house is not working. Dropped by management(Finally! I keep forgetting to do it), and they said the entire intercom system is faulty. And they are having problems finding the original contractor who built the system in the first place(like 10 years ago). So now they are sourcing someone new, how long will that take? Nobody knows. Oh well, guess it’s going to be a regular routine for me to walk to the guard house to report the downstair neighbour who LOVES to play loud music at 12am, at least ONCE a WEEK… Perhaps writing a letter to get them evicted would be a better deal…

House work here I come!

September 21, 2008

Let the countdown begin…

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12pm, Sunday… Got woken up way too early(long story)… Tried to ‘restart’ sleep, but you know how it’s like, once your up, the ‘restart’ sleep just isn’t the same.

Anyway, I’m trying to absorb the new release for this quarter.

Am up for a challenge this time round, which I placed on myself. Will try to keep the same release for at least 6 weeks. Need to plan out class plan properly so that each week will feel different for the members.

Can’t wait to share the new Balance as I really like the feel of it, and no more rushed transitions like previously. Except for the ‘tiny confusion’ that might happen in the twist track.

Body Vive, nailed the darn track 2! and Fame… Nearly there! Except I dropped my ball in practise… 5 times! Ugh… I wonder if the people watching the CCTV at the gym think I’m some lunatic as I basically was laughing to myself, I think every other minute! So many exclamation marks here….

Going to look around for some cheap wall mirrors, really would like to practise at home instead of at the gym where you get ‘peeping toms’ sometimes…

Hopefully all goes smooth!

September 27th is going to be a LONG LONG DAY!

September 18, 2008


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It’s now 12.19am, and I’m still awake? Laundry, ran out of gym shorts, bugger. That aside…

The beginning of a new quarter beckons us Les Mills instructors once again.

This is actually my first new quarter after 2 years as a Group Exercise Instructor under True Fitness Malaysia. How do I feel about it? Well I think it feels nice to get something fresh from other gyms.

Just attended two tuitions under Fitness First(used to teach there before I signed up with True Fitness Malaysia), and I must say, I think I’m having the jitter bugs. Don’t know why.

Practically screwed up the entire presentation track for track 2 in Body Vive tuition, eventhough I had no problems presenting that track to my guinea pigs(aka some friends who volounteered to help me give feedback, you know who you are, thanks!)… Worst case scenario to ever happen as partly this was the first time I presented a track in front of Frank(current Body Vive HT at Fitness First) and the Body Vive team at Fitness First.

Anyway what’s done is done, time to pick up and brush up!

Body Balance tuition was nice, felt a little out of place, as I didn’t really know the new trainees, so kinda like an outcast :p

There’s Body Pump tuition tommorrow, which I hope I don’t mess up again, partly since I am presenting the same track I did during my Body Pump tuition at True Fitness Malaysia.

Kinda at crossroads if I want to go attend Vive class at Fitness First Summit as I am replacing the Body Balance class there.

Travel from Sunway, to Menara Manulife, to Summit, to Jaya 33. Should I?