September 21, 2008

Let the countdown begin…

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:16 am by alextrg

12pm, Sunday… Got woken up way too early(long story)… Tried to ‘restart’ sleep, but you know how it’s like, once your up, the ‘restart’ sleep just isn’t the same.

Anyway, I’m trying to absorb the new release for this quarter.

Am up for a challenge this time round, which I placed on myself. Will try to keep the same release for at least 6 weeks. Need to plan out class plan properly so that each week will feel different for the members.

Can’t wait to share the new Balance as I really like the feel of it, and no more rushed transitions like previously. Except for the ‘tiny confusion’ that might happen in the twist track.

Body Vive, nailed the darn track 2! and Fame… Nearly there! Except I dropped my ball in practise… 5 times! Ugh… I wonder if the people watching the CCTV at the gym think I’m some lunatic as I basically was laughing to myself, I think every other minute! So many exclamation marks here….

Going to look around for some cheap wall mirrors, really would like to practise at home instead of at the gym where you get ‘peeping toms’ sometimes…

Hopefully all goes smooth!

September 27th is going to be a LONG LONG DAY!


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