October 13, 2008

Random thoughts

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The past weekend was food, food, and even more food.

Starting to ride RPM classes as a participant again. Still haven’t gotten back into the essence of the program, as we Les Mills instructors would say. Not saying that I don’t enjoy the workout. I do. Just somehow, don’t feel the same thrill of excitement that I used to get. Is it because I now teach Body Vive, more Body Balance…

Or maybe I’ve just lost touch.

Not sure. Will have to see how things goes. Plan it to proceed with clearance for RPM at Fitness First by this quarter(hopefully). Or if I feel I’m not ready for it, maybe I’ll just ride RPM as a participant, which I’ve decided to make it a weekly routine to gate-crash Alvin Looi’s RPM class at Summit on Thursday mornings; before my Body Balance class. Need to find some way to gate-crash Big Blue’s classes, which will involve me travelling to PJ coz he doesn’t teach in Subang. Do wonder what the mini studio at Consplant look like if Eric teaches there… A towering giant overlooking all the participants…

Non-gym related, last Saturday rode all the way downtown only to find out Informatics Kuala Lumpur wasn’t open. Tried calling all the possible numbers, but nobody answers? Didn’t get to follow-up today. Somehow the day just whizzed pass me as I prepared for class, did some laundry, prepared lunch, and among other house chores…

Must get it done tomorrow, then again tomorrow I have a class in Klang… Which I’ve not gone to since my last replacement there which is… I can’t recall when… And it’s board game night.. And it’s my turn to cook this time, so need to prepare something that I can leave on the stove, and housematey can heat it up when friends come over. I think i’ll eat in Klang, or just buy back sushi for my dinner. And I’ve gone off topic! Hiak. Will give Informatics a call and tell them that their website says they are open on Saturdays!!!

It is now 11.47pm, and I need to sleep. Good night Malaysia, and planet Earth.


October 8, 2008


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Many times in life we come to a point where we just either don’t know where to look, or just don’t have the courage to look.

Some might say not having the courage to look is the worst situation to be in, but, I am starting to disagree. We all tend to be sometimes a little too comfortable in our own comfort zones, or so we think we are, that when others look in us for guidance, we shun them away, with/without realising it.

I admit, that myself, I’ve been guilty of this. More than once, and without me realising it.

However, right this very moment, I feel sad for the people I know who are being shunned, for reasons I do not understand, and by people whom I thought would be more capable of handling the situtation, but I’m proven completely wrong.

I’m not angry, just wondering if I should say something, or just leave it be.