November 21, 2008

Set sail…

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Sitting in bed, listening to the water fountain outside…

Nice and peaceful morning.

What has happened in the last few days? A lot!

Had a little head on accident with another motorcyclist who decided it was cool to drive against traffic and a fast speed, and have the nerve to put the blame on me. Asshole.

Anyway, that was my first head on accident in 15 years of riding a motorcycle, or even driving a car.

I’m still a little shaken by it, scared stiff when I’m the motorcycle now. Considering buying a car. Looking at the loan repayments, the cost of maintaining a car. Ugh. For safety, sure is expensive.

I’ve signed up for Master Of Science In Strategic Business IT programme by University of Portsmouth(UK) and my online lectures(orientation rather) starts in 24 hours 🙂

Somewhat happy I’ve started it, but somewhat stressed. Who knows what I’m heading into.

Knee is a little uncomfortable, need to find someone to cover my Body Pump slot tonite.