February 4, 2009

Angkasapuri… Angkasa-ptui…

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Why is it that every weekday morning, smack in front of Angkasapuri, MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Malaysian drivers MUST cut queue, causing a deadlock smack in front of Angkasapuri. And don’t give me the excuse “Oh you know Alex, some of the drivers don’t know that they must change lanes until it’s too late” coz I recognize two cars(one Honda City and one Toyota) that has done it more than twice. Surprisingly one of the car driver is always on the handphone.

Malaysian driving style :

1) Start changing lanes and then turn on the signal…

2) Turn on signal and IMMEDIATELY change lanes…

3)If your stuck in a bumper to bumper crawl, and the lane next to you starts moving, change into it like you’ve got someone dying in your car…

4)Use handphone while driving as the law isn’t fully enforced anymore…

5)Hold your cigarette out the car window, proudly displaying the fact that you are driving with one hand

6)Remove both side view mirros of your car and hope that tells everyone else that you CANNOT SEE anyone else on the road…

7)If your in a bumper to bumper crawl, feel free to release your hands from the steering wheel, and let your car sway from side to side…


And the next person who smokes just as he/she enters the lift, releasing his/her last puff of cigarette smoke into the lift, I pray to the powers that be, the person ends up dying a painful, dreadful, death…

Other than that, it’s a beautiful morning. 🙂


February 3, 2009

8.30-5.30 Daily Schedule

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My new work. My new life. It’s 5 day week though 🙂 Occasional standby.

Shall not brag lots about it.

Some good things have come about.

Shall look on the green side 🙂

Nothing bad to report.

Except one tiny issue, which I might have to get my hands dirty in, provided my boss will let me.

Have been sick for past 2 weeks.

Pretty sure I’m spreading the virus around the office.

Just shifted from my allocated spot(which had direct sunlight from 8.30am – 9am) to a more comfy spot – but I’m now directly looking at my boss. Somehow like it better when he was behind me… But the sunlight issue was driving me blind.

Need a new raincoat, cheap raincoat cheap zip already broken.

Parking in office building RM 20 per month – for a motorcycle that is.

Literally getting lazy to hit the gym.

Looking at things, I’m preparing for work to give me more challenges.

Getting nowhere with my assignment(kanasai…)

Right now am high on drugs… But shall avoid hitting the bed before doing some construction on my assignment…