September 26, 2009

Long Saturday…

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Balance as usual…. 8 participants… Enjoyed the class as it’s a small class, get to give full attention to each member.

Had breakfast at PJ State with friends.

Went for my lecture, air-con was broken in our regular room, one hour in sauna, and we moved to the other room(don’t ask why we had to endure the heat in the first place)…

Was suppose to go home and change into RED attire… But my motorcycle gained another flat tyre… So called the tyre change guy(I have numbers of pple who repair flat motorbike tyres – almost entire of KL)… Took the guy 1/2 hour to reach, took 1/2 hour to fix(for some reason, every person who changes the tyre of Honda Wave complains about how difficult it is)… In the end no time to go home. So headed straight to Hartamas shopping complex. In a grey top. Didn’t want to be a spoil sport, so went hunting for a red top! Only place that had red was.. ORLANDO.. So spent Rm 90+ for a red top… Reach TGIF… I find RPM HT not wearing a red top! And a few others as well… BAH!(They were punished later on)… But yeah.. first time I spend more than Rm 50 for a non-sports-brand t-shirt(collared)..

Had a nice time 🙂

Actually didn’t order anything to eat! I was scavaging leftovers! Huahuahua!!!

Only thing I ordered is Ultimate Mudslide… And another Ultimate Mudslide, suppose to be for Johnathan Yau to bottoms up for not wearing red, but he ended up bottoms up-ing it with Daniel… Cheat! :p
About 6 of us shared a Mud Pie, courtesy of John Tan who was fashionably late :p

Now washing my new t-shirt, hoping that it dries in time for me to wear it tomorrow!

Nite nite!


September 24, 2009


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Yesterday(Wednesday) was a good workout. Went for RPM and Body Pump. During RPM I went crazy. It felt really good to be on wheels again 🙂 By end of track 2 was already dripping with sweat. By track 5, I ran out of sweat! Was somewhat dehydrated. Legs were burning. Nice feeling 🙂 In Pump, struggled with lunges during the warmup, thus for squats I went with tripod stance, and for lunge track I only did it on my good leg. Man did it hurt a lot more!

After sweat and ‘pleasure’ for 2 hours, went to refuel the body at Old Taste with Fried Kuay Teow, French Toast and Carrot Milk 🙂

September 18, 2009

First gum problem… And some ramblings..

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DSC_2268 Since joining this company, I seem to stumble upon a lot of issues. First the teeth you see in the picture, to the left of the swelling chipped, so I had it filled. Then last week it chipped(the filling). And then last night, it got inflamed. According to the dentist, some ‘particle’ found it’s way to wedge itself deep… DEEP.. between my teeth.. Thus causing the swelling… It feels a lot better, but not 100% functional yet(Voyager!). For lunch, after my dentist trip, I had an entire head of salad, and some pork nuggets 🙂 First time, lovely. As I write this post, one baked potatoe is in the oven. And am waiting for my chicken drumstick to cool before being devoured 🙂 Tomorrow is going to be my first Balance 46 solo, and also my first lecture for this semester. Am ready to face the unkown with vigour and determination 🙂

September 17, 2009

Been a while…

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Last entry on this blog was 8 months ago. When I first rejoined the sedentary lifestyle so to speak. A lot of things have changed since then. In 3 more months, it would be one year since I started work. Nothing much to rant about, or rather to complain; taking things as they come and looking at each day with an open mind. Doesn’t make sense does it?

Life has changed tremendously to be honest. My housemate(also my landlord) has gone back to Canada to further his studies. As of now, he won’t be back at least for another year. So yeah, it means I am staying alone in a 3 room condominium. Will admit, this is the first time where I am actually living alone.

Previously when I was in somewhat the same situation when I lived at my sister’s place.  She got married, and I became the caretaker of a 3 room apartment. She comes back every alternate weekend or so. Difference of that versus now?

I’m basically alone 24/7. Feels somewhat odd to me. As for the very first time in my life, I am actually alone.

I keep myself occupied with my studies, photography, house chores and all. But honestly, never knew that I would ever feel this way. It’s somewhat empty. Strange. Is this how caretakers feel???

Still adapting.

And as in some weird destiny of mine, since I joined my current employment, I fell sick each month.. until last month when I broke the cycle. Yes! (I need to chuck away the collection of medication which I have stashed in a corner of the kitchen which shocked some friends who saw it – I wonder if they thought I was a drug addict).

Let’s see, what else? I’ve joined the ‘geek’ club.. I’m now a 4-eye!… Astimagtism… Hurrah!?(Not!) Getting used to wearing glasses, although I keep forgetting to grab them on my way out in the mornings. Eating with the glasses on is still a mystery to me, as whenever I chew, the glasses do a moonwalk on my nose(I don’t have the ‘bridge’ on the nose area that most pple have, which is what the glasses ‘cling’ on to).

Nikon has launched their new D300s and D3000. Had a chance to ‘feel’ the new children of Nikon. Must say the D300s is a real beauty. As much as sceptics of the photography world are letting their bullets rain on the D300s(for having a movie function), I personally feel it’s actually a good addition / upgrade to the D300. And also at least the D300 supports SD card as well. CF card readers are so easily damaged. As some reviewers said, if you are into capturing sports or action scenes, the D300s is your cup of tea, for the 51 focus points, and you can also select a group of focus points, which does come in handy when taking scenes of events like a Group Exercise launch and you want to get shots of the members in action, and in focus!(Trust me when I say 3 focus points trying to pin the focus on a person doing Body Jam is a major challenge) I do wonder how back in the film days did they handle manual focusing on events like this, or maybe back then, events like this were non-existen?

Am starting to build up a schedule for myself, to keep a balance check on my own lifestyle. Work, studies, and fitness.

Things I want to have in my weekly schedule :

1) One hour Yoga session at least twice a week

2) Two Body Pump classes a week

3) Two RPM/Spinning classes a week

4) One day of photography

5) At least one hour a day, learning

  • Photoshop
  • One or two programming language(s)
  • Mandarin

6) Visit SPCA or PAWS at least once a month

7) One visit for a good foot reflexology per month

8) Cleaning the condominiums’ 2 balconies once a week

9) Free and easy time watching DVD(Star Trek Voyager)

For (2) and (3), will have to wait until my ankle fully recovers. Sprained it a while back while coming down from Broga Hill. Today as I was coming back from lunch, stepped off the curb a little bit too quick and landed a little bit harder than I should, felt a little numbness around the ankle area. Ouch.

But yeah, looking at the list, I sure do have a lot of things I want. Slot in my studies into that schedule, and I’m basically fully booked 7 days a week. Time sure flies if your having ‘fun’?

Speaking of ‘fun’, I’ve been inviting some friends over for dinner, somewhat a leisure get together, with good food(sinful obviously) and good company. Feels a lot better than going out to some ‘mamak’ or ‘kopitiam’.

For the first time I think, I actually didn’t mind my friends doing the cleanup, although I found it hillarious when the girls were washing away, and my friend(a guy) starts commenting on their washing techniques. And, yeah, this morning I did have to rewash a bowl as it wasn’t properly cleaned!

“I believe if I come here more often, I’ll learn how to cook”… She said… What is wrong with this world? Ladies learning how to cook from the guys? Does this mean one day we’ll see guys learning how to do plumbing from the ladies? Yes I know I am stereotyping :p

Dark clouds have formed, and I can somewhat smell rain(my boss opened his ‘room’ window – open office concept).

Plan to go for a foot reflexology tonight, guess that plan is going to have be be scrapped. Or I could wait until the rain stops. Will have to see how it all goes.

I bought 2 boxes of Hari Raya cookies from a colleague. Let’s say I’m just too lazy to bake cookies. But then again it’s a 4 day weekend. So I’m pretty sure I can’t spend all 4 days just doing my studies, probably am gonna explore some cookie recipes my mom passed to me. Speaking of my mom. I miss her. Missing my family quite badly to be honest.

It’s somewhat tricky to arrange a trip back with my studies. Last trip they came down to KL, I didn’t get to spend time with them as I was rushing my assignments(this semester need to really plan my study schedule properly – no more procrastinating).

For Christmas this year I am going back. Planning a one week holiday. Looking forward to it. Haven’t decided if I want to fly back, or take the bus.Why am I considering a bus trip? I get to take pictures at the stop areas. Last few experiences hasn’t been nice(flight from KL to KT made a u-turn back to KL due to bad weather, landed back at Subang airport, then took off again, an hour later).

Also looking to make a trip to Sabah/Sarawak, haven’t been there. Got a friend living in Sarawak who doesn’t mind letting me bunk on the couch, as long as I bring a cake(LOL!). Or maybe go to Singapore?(although the H1N1 situation isn’t very inviting).

*This is such a messed up entry*

I tried some Strawberry Green tea mooncake, the texture is much to be desired. Not mooncake if I can say so.

This long weekend am planning to do some house renovations… Not sure what is the correct word, but plan to move some furniture around. Probably go and look for those last minute sales for a sofa set?

Time to go back to iText and work on the contra statement…

Have a good day!