December 30, 2009

1.35am, 31st December 2009.

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I am awake… Wide awake for some odd reason…

I think it started with me deciding to mop the floor coz it felt sticky…

Then one thing let to another… Cleaned the bathroom as well…

I need help :p

Out of the cleaning something good did come of it. I found the freaking curtain hooks which I couldn’t find!  Under the sofa… Must have gotten nudged under there somehow.. Which makes me somewhat a little more at ease, coz I remember I took out the curtain hooks from the curtain for washing, and then when I put them back on, I was short of like 3 pieces.. Which didn’t make sense, coz I had two curtains, so if my measurements were wrong, I should have a shortage of even numbers. Doesn’t make sense? If you wash curtains you’ll have a better chance of understanding this :p

Trying to decide if I sh0uld upgrade my laptop RAM to 2 gigs to meet the minimum requirements of Adobe CS4… It runs, but I think it’s gonna be real sluggish once I start doing editing. Wonder how much is that going to cost.

Ok, I’m going to go and try and sleep, perhaps count how many strands of hair does Roger have around his nose…


What amuses me…

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Express Bus Accident Kills 10.

If you were following the news, you would find that previously, the driver admitted to dozing off at the wheel. Now he pleads not guilty. And now his parents are asking the families of the victims for forgiveness?

Not to sound like an atheist(which I probably will be soon), but in a certain way, although not mentioned, I believe the parents of the driver are falling back on the believe that forgiveness is holy, we all make mistakes, we must forgive each other, you know the same thing we hear in any religion,or like how some would say, go and rape a girl, and then go to church and make a confession and all is forgiven?

Now the Malaysian Institute Or Road Safety says that the rails the indirectly caused the deaths should be redesigned, that it must guard, not kill. Typical Malaysian mentality ain’t it? But then again, they might as well say our Malaysian roads should be designed with safety in mind. Potholes galore we have in Malaysia. Not to mention how many times I myself have been lucky enough not to fall into a manhole that is left opened on a highway which isn’t well lit. Or how the trees by the roadside have to be literally blocking your view before some people in trucks will come to trim it.

Back to the bus driver who dozed off at the wheel. I agree with the statement made by some parties, drive the bus like you are ferrying your family with you. Instead of just taking it as a job.

I’m of 2 minds on this. For one, 2 of the victims of the crash were parents who had children waiting for them. And now the children are orphans. Then again, (hopefully) the driver never had any ill intentions. Yet, do we blame the bus driver? Or do we blame the express bus company? Or like what is attempted now, blame the construction of the highway?

Not related, but why is it that when people go and withdraw money at ATMs, they like to chuck their ATM receipts all over the ATM machine except into the dustbin provided which is within arms reach??????

December 21, 2009

Random thoughts as the year 2009 comes to an end…

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Sitting here at my office desk, everyone is in the holiday mood. It is difficult to get any work done.

2009 indeed has been quite a journey for myself.

This is one year which I am not sure if I would want to remember it, or perhaps I would like to remember bits and pieces of it. There were good memories, and there were also bad memories.

Made some new friends, and lost some friends.

Let’s go off tangent a bit. How often do you have friends that you hang around, but deep down inside you despise them. Perhaps despise isn’t the correct word, but put it as friends that if you were given an option to stay on an island with one other person, you wouldn’t want that person to be your him/her. Yes, as mean as it may sound, I do have friends like this. And I know each of us does. So why do we still attempt to keep the friendship going?

Earlier in the year, I had what I would call probably one of my ‘defining moments’ in that I decided enough was enough. Well, actually, events that lead to it happened end of last year. To sum it up, I broke of friendships as I was just simply too tired to pretend that I was comfortable being in the friendship.Perhaps I was hasty, perhaps I wasn’t, but the truth behind me reacting the way I did, I wish I could tell. Why can’t I? For one, it would mean putting someone else personal problems known to strangers(ie different circle of friends). Although part of me understands why I didn’t share it with my friends, but another part of me wonders why did I let that take over my emotions.Sometimes I wish I could share with someone else about the one month in 2009 that in my opinion, was the time in my life that if the technology existed, I would erase it from memory. Thinking back, I would say that was 30 days of hell.

Back on track. In a few more weeks, it would be my 1 year anniversary working in KAF. It would also be 1 year since I started my Msc. I’ve decided to switch my Msc to another program due to the ridiculous exam fee increase, and also the quality of the program. It wasn’t a waste, as I did gain some knowledge. Still find it amusing how lecturer A and lecturer B can have different opinions on how should a paper be written, when both are in the same faculty.

Let’s talk about working in KAF. Company is KAF Seagroatt And Campbell. No it is not related to Campbell soup. We are a stockbrocking company. Don’t know what is a stockbrocking company? We provide the facilities for people who want to do share trading with Bursa Malaysia. Still don’t get it? Visit We do have online trading, ie you do the share trading yourself via the internet. I should warn you that unless you know what you are doing, share trading is something you should let a remisier do otherwise your looking at all your investment go up in smoke. My department is a 3 horse power(ie 3 persons). And who would have guessed that my colleagues are both from the same company way back in 2000. And what’s even more bizzare is that my first ‘real job’ had its office in Bukit Bintang, and here I am now working within walking distance of Bukit Bintang. Why do some people get so lucky to get to work and live with only 5 minutes commuting. I live in Bandar Sunway to those who don’t know. It takes me around 40 minutes to get to work. Not that I am complaining. Coz I know if I drove a car, it would probably take 2 hours at least, on a good day that is.

Work can sometimes be frustrating, can sometimes be hillarious. Must say being 30+ does make you look at work differently.

Health wise, badly sprained ankle while going up Broga Hill and ever bugging knee problem has made this year, my most sedentary lifestyle in 30 years.

Photography, hobby picked up this year, but haven’t actually been able to dwelve into it. Here my take on most photographers in Malaysia. If they had no photoshop available, they’ll give up on photography. If you ask them to take pictures of other things besides pretty girls, they’ll probably tell you ‘What’s the point?’. Still can’t get over the fact that when there is a car roadshow, or if there is a camera road show, the focus of the photography is the models there, not the cars or the camera. Nuff said.

Going off tangent again,  was asked if I would be interested in joining a research team, ie take a heavy pay cut, but at least get to study full time while doing the research. Idea is lingering in my head.

Holiday mood sinking in.

December 1, 2009

Another Year.

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My colleague just gave birth to a healthy baby boy over the weekend, which also means her 2 months maternity leave has begun.

It’s always a puzzle to me as to why as the year draws a to a close, everything seems to move slower.  We(Well perhaps just myself) get that feeling of just not doing anything, knowing that another year has come to and end.

This is probably one of those years that I somewhat wished happened differently in some ways. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was a bad year, but there were times when I wished I did things differently.

But then, the situation at that time didn’t exactly gave me much of a choice.

Ever been in a situation where you know about something, but you know that you can’t reveal it. And that indirectly puts you in a bad situation as you try to cope with the situation, but can only reveal so much.

What’s done is done. But why do I still have that lingering thought in my head.

Don’t really want an answer to this. Just wanted to let my thoughts travel onto this webpage.

Perhaps some of you reading this will understand how I feel. The rest of you, Have a Happy New Year, and Merry Christmas.