March 30, 2010


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25th MARCH 2010

Call HSBC customer care line to enquire how come my Mastercard is still active(submitted form to cancel earlier). Had to hold the line for 20 minutes before anyone attended to my call. Complained to the customer service officer, and her reply was ‘high number of calls coming in’. How come Citibank doesn’t have that problem I wonder? Told her to block my cards. Didn’t feel easy that (1) their customer service is so damn hard to get through (2) my credit card cancellation somehow went AWOL.

29th MARCH 2010

Got home to find a note from Pos Laju that I have to pick up a document(from Jalan 227! when there is a pos laju near my place.. Huh?)

30th MARCH 2010

Went to Pos Laju. Find that it’s a Master and Visa card that was sent from HSBC. Technically, I already cancelled the Master, and I certainly didn’t ask for a replacement card. I think somehow when I asked the woman to block my card, it became a lost card.

Called up the HSBC customer service to try and find out why the card is still active. The girl who answered my call had good customer service skill, in terms of sweet talking, but a bad listener.  Told her to cancel both cards with immediate effect. And I’ll go to the branch to find out what happened.

At the branch, she had to call up the card centre anway. My question in my head. I submitted the cancellation form at that branch. Shouldn’t they have some form of record to indicate when they submitted the form to the card centre? Apparently they don’t. She told me there is no way to check. This is HSBC mind you. Not some pariah bank.

She had the guts to tell me to call up card centre to ask. I explained to her that I already did and they couldn’t tell me.

I found it amusing how when she was trying to get the information from the card centre person, even she had problems communicating.

I was told that they received the cancellation today.(Remember this part, there’s more at the bottom)

Long story short, I told her to cancel both cards with immediate effect, and I wanted something in black and white to be proof that they did cancel the two cards.


So, it’s all verbal?

If you need to do anything related to your credit card, don’t bother going to the branch, coz they don’t have access to the credit card system.

Remember I said to remember that I mentioned they received the cancellation today? Only when I got back to the office I reliased that the cancellation they ‘received’ could have been from me calling up HSBC Customer Care this morning. Not my form.

I am not satisfied. Yes I’m being a bitch. But this bitch is going to get down to the microscopic level to find out WHEN did the BRANCH SEND my cancellation to the CREDIT CARD CENTRE.

Shall pay them a visit again tomorrow. Probably will ask to speak to the branch manager instead.