June 7, 2010

Putting One Foot Forward One Step A Day

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After a weekend that I wish wasn’t so unpleasant.

Woke up this morning, told myself to pull myself together and just move on.

Life is never perfect no matter how hard we wish it to be.

Nobody can be 100% satisified with what they have. And if anyone tells you that, they are lying. The only way you can be 100% satisifed is if your brain is a computer chip.

Signed up for the Standard Chartered 21km run. Giving me 3 weeks to train for it. Tonight will be the first run. Mission. Threadmill running speed 8.0 for 30 minutes to begin with. Persuaded housemate to come along for the run. Pretty sure I’m going to see a lot of gym people at the run, although not sure how many are going for the 21km or the 42km. I know most are doing the 10km.

Last 21km I did was the Penang bridge run.

Mom, this run is for you.