April 14, 2014

If religion is the truth…

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:16 am by alextrg

You know what most religions believe, that when you die, all your sickness and flaws will be no more.

I do wonder if it applies if your fat, you’ll be muscular?

Jokes aside, so if it cures all my illness.

By right, anyone would be doing those in the hospital a favour by ending their lives no?

A blind person will be able to see.

A wheelchair bound person will be able to walk.

So why prolong the suffering? Might as well just dump this miserable life and live a perfect life. And that person should go to heaven coz he/she didn’t take his own life.

Then again, people will say, oh but that’s not God’s plan, it’s not the persons time, it’s a hurdle in life.

We die, they say coz it’s time.

We suffer, they say it’s a test.

To me, it’s all just some lunatic in the past who managed to convince people that it’s all fate, and there is a time for everything.



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